• Search Warrants
  • Without Search Warrants
  • What to do if contacted by Police
  • Police Questioning
  • Where a Police Officer demands your name & address
  • Right to Speak With a Lawyer
  • Right to Silence


A police Officer can search you or your vehicle without a warrant where you have something that the Police officer believes may be:

  • a weapon, knife or explosive that you may not lawfully possess; or
  • another thing that you are prohibited from possessing under a domestic violence order; or
  • an unlawful dangerous drug; or
  • stolen property; or
  • unlawfully obtained property; or
  • tainted property; or
  • evidence of the commission of offence punishable by seven years imprisonment that the police officer reasonably suspects may be concealed on you or destroyed; or
  • you possess an antique firearm and is not a fit and proper person to be in possession of the firearm;
  • You have something that may have been used, is being used, is intended to be used, or is primarily designed for use, as an implement of housebreaking, for
  • unlawfully using or stealing a vehicle, or for the administration of a dangerous drug;
  • You have something that the Police Officer believes you intend to use to cause harm to yourself or someone else;
  • You are at a casino and may have contravened, or attempted to contravene, the Casino Control Act 1982, section 103 or 104; or
  • You have committed, are committing, or are about to commit—
    1. an offence against the Racing Act 2002; or
    2. an offence against the Corrective Services Act 2000, section 96, 97 or 100;14 or
    3. an offence that may threaten the security or management of a prison or the security of a prisoner.

Queensland legislation governing police powers continually changes and if you are in doubt you should contact us.

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