Deceased Estates – Estate Administration

At Connor Hunter, we understand that the responsibilities of an Executor are often difficult to contemplate when also having to deal with the recent loss of a loved one.

Our understanding and experienced staff are prepared to assist you to ‘tidy up’ the deceased’s affairs and help you to attend to the distribution of the estate.

We also understand that the responsibilities of the Executor can be confusing and in some circumstances, worrying. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist you as you endeavour to meet those responsibilities.

At the time of your initial appointment we would ask that you bring with you the following:

  • The Deceased’s will
  • Some form of identification – for yourself
  • Any details of assets held by the Deceased (including title deeds, bank accounts, insurance policies, share certificates, etc.)
  • Any details of liabilities of the Deceased
  • The Death Certificate (if one has issued)
  • Any other information you believe to be relevant
  • Debt Recovery Matters
  • More Complex commercial Litigation Matters
  • Challenges to Wills

With convenient on-site parking, please Contact Us to make an appointment.

Challenging a Will and Applications for Further Provision

Whether you are contemplating:

  • Challenging a will of a deceased person, because you believe that the deceased did not have sufficient capacity at the time they made the will;
  • OR

  • Making a family provision application, because you believe that insufficient provision has be made for you in the Deceased’s will

Then – much work needs to be undertaken and time frames need to be met. It is essential that as soon as possible after the death of the deceased, some proper assessment be obtained as to the prospects of success of any proposed claim.

Please do not delay, and Contact Us as soon as possible, to arrange an appointment with one of our Solicitors who are experienced in this field.

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